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What is osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis causes the bones to weaken, so that a fall or even a slight tension, such as bending or coughing, can cause a fracture. Fractures related to osteoporosis usually occur in the hips, wrists and spine.

Bones are living tissues that are broken down and replaced constantly. Osteoporosis occurs when the generation of new bone tissue is slower than the removal of old bone tissue and the bone becomes weakened in structure.

Osteoporosis affects men and women of all races. However, white and Asian women (particularly older and post-menopausal women) are more at risk. Certain medications, a healthy diet, and exercises that include lifting weights or resistance training, can help prevent bone loss and strengthen weak bones.

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What mushrooms have useful properties in osteoporosis?


It favors the creation of new bone cells There are studies in which extracts of Reishi promote the formation of new bone cells, a powerful agent in combating this disease.


The Cordyceps, in addition to acting as a regulator at the endocrine (hormone) level, acts on the energy metabolism, so it is an ideal complement at the level of both physical and mental fatigue.


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