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¿What is acne?

Acne is an inflammatory skin disease caused by a bacterial infection that affects the sebaceous glands that are associated with hair follicles.

Acne commonly occurs in adolescents in both sexes, usually related to hormonal changes at puberty. Diet, stress and some medications (especially contraceptive compounds) can also be influencing factors.

Although common acne is an inflammatory disease, in most cases it is not necessary to treat it, as it improves in response to changes in lifestyle or the natural balancing of hormones. However, in some cases it becomes an acute, annoying and even painful condition that must be treated to alleviate symptoms and avoid the formation of longer term scar tissue.

Do you want to know more about acne?

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¿What mushrooms have useful properties in acne??


Anti-bacterial: This alkalising mushroom contains a specific molecule ‘ lentinan’ that has shown beneficial effect in combating bacterial infections. Shiitake is also rich in zinc, supporting a healthy testosterone metabolism and balancing hormones.

External care

Topically, extracts of Reishi and Cordyceps sinensis mushrooms have shown to minimize skin damage. Topically a hydrating cream


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